CADFab has been at the forefront of Digital Fabric Printing since 1999, providing services to the apparel, baby bedding, movie & entertainment, soft signage, hospitality and home furnishing industries, as well as anyone else in need of rapid, quality, and affordable digital printing on fabrics.

Printed Fabric Rolls

CADFab Expertise

Printing to fabric is not like printing on the paper in your printer at home. There are a variety of fabrics to consider: natural or synthetic, woven or knit, etc., each responding differently to the dyes, chemicals and processes that take place. There are also a variety of dyes and treatments, before and after the printing, all geared to provide the desired colors and designs in the finished goods, but each with numerous and different properties, variations, uses, constraints and effects. This is where our expertise at CADFAB will help you reach your design and production objectives.

At CADFab, we specialize in the fabric digital printing processes and all its facets and variations. Our services cover the entire range of activities from design, samples, short runs, to full production, providing services to veterans in the fabric related industries, as well as to novices requiring more hand-holding. Our goal and expertise is in helping our customers obtain their design and production objectives for their success.

CADFab’s founder, Maya Roth, has been a pioneer of Digital Fabric Printing and helped develop new techniques that facilitated the growth of this industry from infancy to its contemporary state, and is continuing to do so with exploring evermore possibilities for the fabric digital printing markets. Maya has hands-on expertise with testing and running new printers, dyes, and fabric treatments, to achieve varying results needed by the different industries. CADFab is a unique facility servicing the textile Industry on a multitude of levels, with a team of highly trained designers and skilled printers providing high quality, fast and competitive service and solutions to its customers.

Why Digital Print?

Traditional production fabric printing by print mills is an established process. However, it is cost effective only for larger yardage, it is not economically viable for sampling and shortruns. The colors are limited, and it has other limitations due to the process itself. With the advances in computing and printing technologies in general, Digital Fabric Printing now offers flexible alternative for production printing as well as fast affordable sampling to test ideas and review products before committing to production. This well serves industries and projects requiring shorter or customized printing runs, such as needed by the movie industry for example, and agility to respond rapidly to market trends or demands for the apparel and similar industries.

In a nutshell, the benefits of Digital Fabric Printing are unlimited color, no size restrictions, fast turnaround, and supporting small to large quantities.


CADFab features two primary divisions:

Art Studio Services

The art studio at CADFAB provides our clients with the expertise needed either to take an existing physical or digital artwork through the process of printing, or with the help of inspiration and ideas to bring to life new designs for any project. After the inception, the art studio will both edit and manipulate the artwork to perfectly suit the needs of the customer and the requirement of the process so that printed results are true to the design objectives. The process concludes with preparing the designs for production and will vary according to the market needs, the type of fabric, and other fun stuff. The art studio is skilled to provide the customers complete solutions from the first design conception to the final production.

Digital Print Studio

CADFAB uses over 20 different wide format printers for both sampling and production runs. By using these printers and different dyes including reactive, disperse, acid, and pigments, CADFAB has the ability to print on the most desired substrates and fabrics. The result is no longer limited to prototype samples but is also suitable and affordable for production runs adhering to the quality responsiveness and all industry standards.

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