Sublimation/Heat Transfer Printing: used for polyester-based goods; requires us to print on paper first, then the paper gets heat pressed onto the fabric. The ink is permanent and the fabric is washable.

Direct Printing: used for cotton and natural fibers; inks are NOT permanent and once printed, the goods cannot be steamed or washed or the inks will run! This process is typically used for showrooms or trade shows when the goods are just for display purposes only.

Wet Printing: we use reactive inks to print directly onto the fabric, then it goes through a steaming, washing and curing process to ensure the inks are set and the final product is washable.

First off, welcome! You need a file (artwork/design digital file) to print, fabric to print on and how many yards you want printed! Browse through our fabrics and prints and see what fabric you’d like to print on. If you have your own print, you choose what fabric would be best for your print by browsing our fabrics list. 

Our minimum is just 2 yards.

No, there are no screens involved in our printing services here at CADFab. The only color limitations would be that we cannot print on black or very dark fabric as we do not have white ink.

No, we specialize in printing on fabric by the yard. Our machines are not set up for cut pieces or finished garments at this time, but hopefully in the near future we can offer this service.

Turnaround depends on the fabric and how many yards you need printed. If printing on polyester fabric, typical turnaround time is 2-5 days, if printing on natural fibers, depending on the yardage, it would take 2-3 weeks. 

We print on a variety of polyesters. Check out our list of fabrics by clicking "Stock Fabrics" at the bottom of this page. Have your own fabric you want to print on? Shoot us an email to make sure we can print on that fabric.

No, we do not sell blank fabric.

Depends on the fabric. Overall you will still be paying the printing cost per yard for the printing process used (Sublimation, Wet Printing, or Direct Printing).

No, we cannot print on black fabric at this time. However, we can print on dark fabric as long as the print itself has dark colors that will show up on the dark fabric.

You can create an account by emailing us your project and our customer service reps will then send you a New Client Info Sheet which you will then fill out and send back to us, or you can fill out your information at checkout.

Your first point of contact will be our lovely customer service reps. Once your order is in process, our sales team will guide you through the steps and you will be assigned a contact person.